Tent Decorating Competition: 40th Annual Bernie Butler Swim Race & Beach Party

This year we decided to do a Tent Decorating Competition, the theme is the 70’s. The best decorated tent wins a free tent next year !!! If you have not booked a tent yet, hurry up they are going fast !!

Big Kahuna Package – $3,000.00
There are a limited number of these tents available so act fast. This package includes a fully catered lunch for 12, grilled for you in your 30×30 tent; menu will included steak, chicken & shrimp with all the sides and rum cake for dessert. Your bar package will include a keg of Sands beer, 48 sodas, 1 bottle of rum, 1 bottle of gin, 1 bottle of vodka, 2 cases of water. Your personal attendant will grill your lunch right under your tent. Your tent will included 12 chairs, 12 towels, 12 Swim Race Shirts, 12 Commemorative cups and sun block. Your Company logo will also be included on our T-shirt.

Tuna Package – with the exclusive package there is no need for you to bring anything with you, at a cost of $1,200.00 you will be treated to a 20×20 tent, 6 beach chairs, 6 towels, 6 BASRA Swim Race Shirts, 6 BASRA commemorative cups, 6 food tickets, sun block and a cooler containing 3 cases of SANDS Beer, 24 sodas, 1 bottle of rum and 12 bottles of water.

Dolphin Package – with this package at $1000.00 you get a 15×15 tent, 4 beach chairs, 4 towels, 4 BASRA Swim Race Shirts, 4 BASRA commemorative cups, 4 food tickets and a cooler containing 2 cases of SANDS Beer, 12 sodas, 1 bottle of rum and 12 bottles of water.